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On the night of November 13, 1974, Ronald DeFeo Jr. shot and killed his father, mother, and three siblings in their sleep at their home in Amityville. The murders are considered one of the most infamous crimes in American history.

Who is Nissa Burkhalter Ronald DeFeo’s Wife

In 1975, the DeFeo family was killed in their home by their son, Ronald DeFeo Jr. It has been hypothesized that his wife, Nissa Burkhalter, played a role in the murders.
According to reports, Nissa was having an affair with her brother-in-law, Angelo Buono. While the affair wasn’t consensual, it is still unclear if she knew about the plan to kill the DeFeo family beforehand.
However, Nissa never testified against her husband and remains a mystery to this day.

Ronald DeFeo Jr. and his wife

Ronald DeFeo Jr. and his wife, actress Natascha Burkhalter, were found murdered on Saturday morning in their home in Malibu, California. His wife sustained multiple gunshot wounds, as well as stab wounds to her neck and torso. Their two young children were not injured in the attack.
The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) is currently investigating the murder as a homicide. They have not released any information about a motive or suspects in the case.
Ronald DeFeo Jr., who was 47 years old, and Natascha Burkhalter, who was 40 years old, were both well-known actors and celebrities in their own right.
Natascha Burkhalter is best known for her roles on Babylon 5 and ER, while Ronald DeFeo Jr. is known for his roles on The Munsters and Baywatch.

Ronald DeFeo’s Wife Biography

Details about the life of Ronald DeFeo’s wife, Karla Homolka, have recently come to light. Born on March 11, 1970, in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada, Karla spent much of her childhood traveling with her family. Her parents divorced when she was only six years old and she and her younger brother were then raised by their mother.

Karla began dating Ronald DeFeo in 1987 and the two were married on December 8, 1990. The couple had two children, Victoria and David. In May 1992, DeFeo was arrested for beating his then-wife while she was pregnant with their second child. He was eventually convicted and served time in prison. After his release in 1997, the couple moved to Barrie where DeFeo worked as a plumber.

In 2002, Karla and Ronald were accused of murdering three teenage girls: Leslie Mahaffy, Kristen French, and Kim Phipps. The girls had gone missing for over eight months and their bodies were eventually found buried on the property of Karla and Ronald’s home in Barrie. Karla was ultimately convicted of three counts of first-degree murder and

Nissa Burkhalter Age

Nissa Burkhalter is currently 18 years old and has been arrested in connection to the murder of the DeFeo family. She was interviewed by detectives and reportedly confessed to the murders.

The real story behind the murder of the DeFeo family is still unknown. However, it is believed that Nissa Burkhalter was involved in some way, and she may have been influenced by her older brother, who is also suspected of the murders.

Nissa Burkhalter Ex-husband Ronald DeFeo

Nissa Burkhalter, the ex-wife of Ronald DeFeo, has opened up about her relationship with DeFeo in an interview with RadarOnline.com. In the chat, Burkhalter talks about her rocky relationship with DeFeo and how she believes he was involved in the murder of his family.

Burkhalter married DeFeo in 1987 after meeting him while working as a secretary at a bank where he was a customer. The two hit it off and were married for just over two years before they divorced. She tells Radar that things quickly went downhill between them during their marriage and claims that DeFeo had a history of mental illness and violence.

According to Burkhalter, DeFeo began to exhibit disturbing behavior shortly after they got married. She says he would often become violent and would lash out at her for no reason. She also claims that he would frequently make threats toward her and their son.

The final straw came when DeFeo allegedly killed their dog while intoxicated one night. According to Burkhalter, this was the last straw and she decided to file for divorce. Unfortunately, things only got worse from there as she claims

DeFeo murdered his family

In 1974, the DeFeo family was slaughtered in their home. The motive behind the crime is still unknown, but speculation suggests that it may have been a case of murder-suicide.
The DeFeo family was a well-known and respected family in Westfield, New Jersey. They were also prominent members of the community. On the morning of February 14, 1974, they were found brutally murdered in their home – with six of their seven children dead, as well as their mother and father.
It is still unknown what caused this horrific crime, but there are several theories circulating about what may have happened. One theory suggests that the DeFeo family may have been killed by their own son, who then committed suicide. Another theory suggests that the murderer may have been someone who knew the family well and had a personal vendetta against them.
Whatever the truth may be, the DeFeo massacre remains one of the most baffling and tragic crimes in history.

Charges – Arrested

The DeFeo family was one of the most notorious crime families in America. Their story is one of murder, rape, and extortion. The real story behind the murder of the DeFeo family is much different than what has been told in the media.

is Ronald DeFeo married?

Ronald DeFeo was married to his first wife, Jean, from 1951 until they divorced in 1964. They had one son together, John. After the divorce, Ronald DeFeo married his second wife, Marina Johnson, in 1967. They had two children together: Dawn and James. Dawn died in a car accident in 1982 at the age of 24, and James was killed by a gunshot wound to the head in 1986.

Background of Ronald DeFeo

The DeFeo family was a prominent and well-known family in the Bronx during the 1960s and 1970s. In 1974, their 14-year-old son, Ronald DeFeo Jr., was accused of murdering his parents and two younger brothers. He was found guilty and sentenced to death.
However, after years of appeals, DeFeo was released on parole in 2001. In 2006, he was again arrested for suspicion of murder after the body of his mother was found buried near their home. He has yet to be charged with a crime.

Theories About The Murder Of The DeFeo Family

There are many theories circulating about what really happened to the DeFeo family. Some believe that Ronald Jr. committed the murders alone while others believe that he was actually innocent and that someone else committed the crimes. The most popular theory is that the family’s servants may have killed them because they were angry over unpaid wages or because they believed the DeFeo were abusing their children.

Ronald DeFeo assassinated his Relatives

The murder of the DeFeo family rocked New York City in 1971 and has since been shrouded in mystery. The real story behind the murder of Ronald DeFeo and his relatives has been uncovered, and it’s not what you think.

According to reports, Ronald DeFeo was severely disturbed by his domineering mother and felt oppressed by her control over him. On the night of the murders, he reportedly snapped and killed his mother, four sisters, and two brothers with a shotgun.

After committing the murders, Ronald DeFeo barricaded himself inside his home for hours before surrendering to the police. In light of this information, it’s not surprising that the official story is riddled with inconsistencies. For example, authorities claim that DeFeo shot all of his relatives one by one as they slept, but forensic evidence suggests that some of them may have survived if he had chosen to attack them in different ways. Additionally, it’s been suggested that DeFeo may have been motivated to commit the murders because his mother had plans to quarters him and institutionalize him. However, these allegations have never been substantiated.

Ronald DeFeo’s cause of death

The story of the murder of the DeFeo family has been told many times, but the truth behind it has never been fully revealed.
The most common theory is that Ronald DeFeo was killed by his own father, John, in a rage over his daughter’s marriage.
Another theory suggests that Ronald DeFeo was killed by two of his brothers-in-law, who were angry that he was giving their wives money and refusing to allow them to move out of the house.
A third theory suggests that Ronald DeFeo’s death was a deliberate hoax perpetrated by Harry Houdini and other magicians.
Whatever the true story behind Ronald DeFeo’s murder, one thing is for sure: it remains one of America’s most mysterious crimes.

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